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More than 300 students of the Whitehouse and Culloden Basic Schools in Eastern Westmoreland, have been given needed school supplies by members of the Sandals Whitehouse European Village and Spa’s Entertainment and Public Relations Department.
The presentations were made on September 5, when the staff members visited the school.
Assisting with the presentation of books, school bags, pens, pencils and a host of other related materials, were the Sandals Whitehouse mascots – the crocodile, the pirate and the parrot.
The students, who were mainly new and attending school for the first time, were excited to see their favourite ‘cartoon’ characters.
Assistant Public Relations Manager at the hotel, Keith Wedderburn, said that the beginning of a new school year could be an exciting or equally stressful time for children, as they are faced with new teachers and classmates, bigger classrooms, new routines and more school work.
“This time can be very challenging and overwhelming for children, but overall it was fun giving these gifts to them and watching their faces as they reacted in the various ways,” Mr. Wedderburn told JIS News.
Principal of the Culloden Early Childhood Institute, Janet Briggs, said the visit of the Sandals Whitehouse staff members was timely.
“The interaction benefited us, in that the supplies presented to us were welcomed and most of the students got the opportunity to see some of their cartoon characters close up for the first time. We definitely welcome more interactions like this,” Miss Briggs pointed out.

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