JIS News

The Banbury Basic School in Westmoreland will benefit from a donation of US$4,000, which was raised during a recent radiothon organized by Pat Baccas, Chief Executive Officer of Future Movement Radio in Atlanta, Georgia.
The funds will go towards much needed repairs and refurbishing of the early childhood education facility. Miss Baccas, a Jamaican living in Atlanta, is expected to travel to the island this week to make the donation to the school board.
“The radiothon was extremely successful as we received tremendous support from the local residents in Atlanta, Georgia and from friends and business associates from as far as the New York tri-state area. They came through for the kids in a big way. I plan to continue with other fundraising ventures to further assist the school,” she said. While in Jamaica, Miss Baccas will meet with the principal, Pearline McKitty and the school board to determine exactly how the money will be spent and discuss other ways in which she can assist the institution.
One project, being considered she said, is a lunch programme for next year. “We plan to purchase a stove and a refrigerator so we can kick-start the lunch feeding programme for the kids. It is extremely important that they are well fed and nourished while they are in school,” she pointed out.
The Banbury Basic School is Miss Baccas pet project, which she has embarked on with the Westmoreland Reunion Organization.