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The Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC) will be offering several young music hopefuls a chance to turn their dreams into reality on Saturday, February 21.
Through the Building Youth for National Development (BYOND) Music Programme, the JBDC will host yet another audition for young persons aged 17to 29, at its office at 14 Camp Road.
Launched in 2002, the programme, which is funded by the Government, was designed in conjunction with partners such as HEART/NTA and the National Youth Service (NYS). It is structured to unearth, expose and promote talented young artistes.
Speaking with JIS News, Executive Director of the programme, Harold Davis, said it was also designed to instill the entrepreneurial skills and business development techniques necessary for succeeding in all areas of the music industry.
“The concept involves routing these young talented individuals into meaningful development programmes to improve their natural talents and prepare them as managers of these skills,” he said.
Mr. Davis emphasized the importance of recognizing music as a business in Jamaica.
As such, BYOND aims to train participants on other aspects such as stage presentation, interviewing techniques, as well as knowledge of laws, including copyright.
The ability to play an instrument is an element that separates the BYOND vocalists from others in the industry.
Mr. Davis pointed out that this was an added talent that each entertainer should possess. He noted that many local entertainers were unable to identify musical notes and keys, let alone play an instrument.
He said the sessions would be conducted by some of Jamaica’s top musicians, including Mikey Bennett, Steve ‘Stevie G’ Golding and Oswald ‘Ossie D’ Douglas.During the programme, trainees are given the opportunity to perform on various music shows and fairs that are staged over time.
“We look for occasions that are already happening or we initiate our own,” he said. Some of these include ‘Weekendz’ and the JBDC’s craft fair ‘Kumba Mi Yabba’.
Approximately 50 persons will be selected from the auditions and interviews, and they will be exposed to four career paths in the industry over a three-month period as: Vocalists (Singers and DJs), Instrumentalists, Lyricists (Song Writers), and Studio Engineers.
Interested persons may call the JBDC at 928-5161 to register for Saturday’s auditions, which begin at 9:00 a.m.
The JBDC was established in 2000 as the industry arm of the Ministry of Industry and Tourism, with a mandate to assist with the training and development of local entrepreneurs and businesses.

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