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The St. Ann Primary School has benefited from the donation of four scholarships in addition to several high speed Pentium computers with accompanying software, at a cost US$5,000. The donation was made recently by the Benevolent Missions of Atlanta, a Jamaican organization based in the United States, which adopted the school a year ago.
President of the BMA, Dr. Conrad Ingham, informed that the computers would be utilized to improve students’ reading, writing, numeracy and computer literacy skills. Already, learning software has been installed, which is being used to develop the students’ phonetic and research skills, while some math software has been added. Internet access will commence as soon as a minor electrical modification to the computer laboratory is addressed.
Mr. Ingham told JIS News that the aim was to extend the assistance to one primary school in each of the six education regions.
Meanwhile, the school’s principal, Amy James, reported “drastic changes” in the students’ motivation to learn since the arrival of the computers.
BMA members recently visited the St. Ann’s Bay Primary School, where they interacted and conducted motivational discussions with several students including offering guidance on focusing, studying, setting and achieving academic goals, overcoming social challenges, and on career choices.
The visiting team also engaged in discussions with the principal, guidance counsellors, and grade teachers on students’ progress, challenges faced by the institution, and the organization’s continued involvement in the school’s development. The BMA organization, which was formed a little over 18 months ago, is dedicated to effectively harnessing and leveraging the time, talent and resources of the Jamaican-United States community, to assist disadvantaged and at-risk children throughout Jamaica and in the metro-Atlanta area.
The organization receives funding primarily from Atlanta-based Jamaicans and friends, who donate generously to BMA’s fund-raising activities.

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