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Minister of Industry and Tourism, Aloun Ndombet-Assamba, has called for increased investment in industry, noting that the government had laid the groundwork to ensure that persons investing in the country could make profitable returns.
The Minister’s comments came during her address at the opening of the Kamit Revisited Boutique in Little Premier Plaza on November 24. The boutique is a retailer of African-influenced clothing and fabric.
Stating that government was willing to assist in the establishment of successful businesses, she remarked: “we want to do this because profitable enterprises stimulate economic growth that can lead to increased employment and a better standard of living for all our people.”
Using Kamit Revisited as an example, she said that the company was the result of a successful partnership between proprietor Sandra Thompson and the Jamaica Business Development Centre (JBDC). She further noted, that the store had come into being as a result of extensive research undertaken by Mrs. Thompson, coupled with “the emphasis on quality service and on acquiring the products that would be most appropriate to satisfy our specific local demands in fashion.”
The Industry and Tourism Minister relayed her pride, noting it was a satisfactory moment to see the work of the JBDC and her Ministry being materialised.
“My Ministry and our agency, the JBDC, are therefore very proud of the fact that we have provided technical and practical assistance to this Jamaican company that now provides high quality products at reasonable costs to its customers,” she stated.
“This is just another example of how local businesses can make use of the facilities and agencies of government to build their enterprises,” Minister Assamba added.

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