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Today is the deadline for Ashtrom Building Systems to submit the long overdue construction schedule for the upgrading of the Sabina Park cricket ground, to the Board of Jamaica Cricket (JC) 2007 Limited.
Robert Bryan, Executive Director of the local organising committee for the event, told journalists at a press briefing at his Oxford Road offices recently, that the Board was “not in a mood to be agreeable”, as the schedule had been outstanding for a protracted period of time. “We have been demanding this continuously,” he stated. The schedule, he explained, should clearly establish “the critical path” and also be consistent with the contractual completion date, given that the lack of cement among other factors, were cited by Ashtrom as contributing to project delays.
“In this respect, the Board noted that this claim [cement crisis] needed to be properly substantiated by Ashtrom with a detailed submission, particularly since JC 2007 was not in possession of a valid construction schedule from Ashtrom,” he said.
“We are requiring this before we can entertain any discussion with respect to validating the claim for the effect of cement,” the Executive Director noted.
Furthermore, in the wake of issues raised in a proposal by Ashtrom, about extending the date of completion for the Sabina Park project from October 31, 2006 to February 2007, Mr. Bryan informed that the Board now required the constructing company to provide a schedule of interim deliverables to enable a fortnightly assessment of their progress.
He also disclosed that Ashtrom had been advised, that any failure on its part to deliver in accordance with the schedule, would constitute as grounds for the “immediate application of liquidated damages”, which is provided for in the contract.
“So that to be very clear, we are holding Ashtrom to a present contract, which is October 31, 2006,” Mr. Bryan said.
Sabina Park has been selected to host six matches in the group stage of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2007 and one semi final match. The tournament begins on March 11, 2007.

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