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Motorists, who conduct business at the Constant Spring branch of the Inland Revenue Department (IRD), will soon enjoy a 50 per cent reduction in the time taken to process documents, when the online Automated Motor Vehicle System (AMVS) is implemented.
Public Relations Manager at the IRD, Leighton Beckles, told JIS News, that AMVS would reduce the time motorists spend at the tax office to renew their drivers’ licences, with transactions moving from 15 to eight minutes. “It will improve the quality of service to motorists conducting transactions at tax offices,” he said, noting that the collectorate would be able to handle twice as many customers.
When the system becomes fully functional, persons renewing their licences will do so via the AMVS online, which will produce a printed copy of the motor vehicle registration certificate. The certificate will contain the expiry date of the licence and the CC rating will be generated, thereby eliminating the possibility of transcription errors.
“This will be a big benefit for our customers and simply underscores one of the many initiatives being embarked on by the Tax Administration, as we move to reposition ourselves in the tax environment through our branding thrust,” the Public Relations Manager pointed out.
The system will be implemented in all 28 collectorates and will allow IRD agents to log into the database with real time information at the click of a button.
“The system is expected to improve customer service in a number of areas concerned with motor vehicle transactions, which will in turn translate to improved customer service for taxpayers and a more hassle-free way of carrying out these transactions,” Mr. Beckles pointed out.
Stating that there would be no new process for the customers, Mr. Beckles explained that, “customers will come in the front end as usual.on the back end we are able to capture all the information from the taxpayers on one database and upload it to AMVS online. Once uploaded, that information is stored and should that taxpayer come back to licence the motor vehicle at any point in time again, it is just a matter of touching a button that will bring up all the information on that particular vehicle and that particular taxpayer.”
He noted, “the IRD has committed itself to improving its service over a period of time and this is one of the necessary measures we feel we must take in order to provide quality (and provide) professional customer service. We are also reigniting within taxpayers that gusto to come in and pay their taxes and to be able to do so in a stress-free, customer-friendly environment.”
AMVS is in operation at the May Pen Tax Collectorate and since its installation, the office has been running at 90 percent efficiency. By the end of the year, the Tax Administration expects to see the full implementation and replication of AMVS at all its collectorates islandwide.

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