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Some 150 students from 17 All-Age and Primary schools recently participated in an intensive safety training seminar organized by Alumina Partners of Jamaica (ALPART) working in collaboration with the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB).
The activity forms part of the build up to the company’s 2006-2007 schools’ safety motivation programme.
Speaking with JIS News, Public Relations Manager at ALPART, Lance Neita stated that the training was aimed at building safety, health and environmental awareness in schools and local communities.
“There is a competition which we run on an annual basis known as the Home, Street, School Safety programme, for all the schools located in our mining belt., he said.
Mr. Neita indicated that all the students who participated would return act as safety monitors for their schools for the rest of the school year.
“They will be managing a programme that will utilize safety audits, lectures, a quiz and essay competition, and an art and poster exhibition promoting safe behaviour in schools, on the streets and at home,” he said.
The Public Relation Manager informed that the safety programme impacted some 10,000 students each year.”It is one of our flagship activities.over the years since Alpart began operating in central Jamaica, most of our budget has been spent on education outreach initiatives such as these, which are geared towards empowering young people,” he stated.

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