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The last two remaining shelter seekers in Clarendon, who were being housed at the Portland Cottage Primary School, have been relocated by the Clarendon Parish Council.
This means that the only remaining registered shelter in the parish is now closed.
Rohan Blake, Director of Planning at the Clarendon Parish Council told JIS News that the two persons were relocated to the Portland Cottage Community Centre as an interim measure, while they await action by relatives who are in contact with the Council.
“We have given these persons tarpaulins and mattresses and have made arrangements for them to stay at the community centre for a short while, as we expect that they will find shelter with their relatives by about October 19,” he said.
Mr. Blake said that in keeping with the national policy to have schools re-opened and fully operational as quickly as possible, the Council has been making every effort to restore normality in the aftermath of Hurricane Ivan, which devastated the island more than four weeks ago.
“We believe that these persons will be comfortable and we are happy that all the official shelters are now closed, as we continue the recovery efforts in a parish that we know to be severely affected by the hurricane, particularly in the southern area,” he said.
He also noted that the Council was still collaborating with several local and international agencies to provide relief to affected communities.

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