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State Minister for Industry, Investment and Commerce, Dr. the Hon. Norman Dunn, says that an “all-of-Government” approach is being employed to improve the trade and business environment.

Speaking at a recently held JIS Think Tank, Dr. Dunn said that part of the approach involves the use of technology to improve efficiency in doing business.

He noted that there are several online platforms that will be created “to ensure that businesses can move seamlessly from government entity to government entity”.

He said that already “there is a one-stop shop for a number of agencies that once you apply to a particular platform that you have an interest in, you are able to access all the border regulatory agencies and other government agencies. So it is an all-of-government approach that we are instituting”.

Dr. Dunn further cited the recently launched National Business Platform (NBP) as a key example of this push by the Government.

“The NBP is a business-to-government interface, which allows the entities to be able to interact with all government agencies involved. The platform aims to strengthen the investment environment in Jamaica by delivering comprehensive information and guidance to facilitate private investments,” he said.

Dr. Dunn noted that when phase two of the NBP is completed it will connect private investors and other persons with government stakeholders.

“Phase two is targeting business re-engineering and design for select investment processes and creation of a transactional online interface for the re-engineering process.

“The NBP will serve as the central point through which all investments are routed, providing transparency and government cohesion,” he outlined.

Dr. Dunn added that the Jamaica Trade Information Portal (JTIP), which is the one-stop point for all import and export information in Jamaica, is another initiative that will boost investment in the country.

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