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The Ministry of Agriculture is moving to implement a farmer-friendly marketing system, which should be in place by year-end.
Minister of State, J.C. Hutchinson, who was addressing the annual 4-H Clubs’ Career Day at the WINDALCO sports ground in Ewarton, St. Catherine on November 22, said that the system will bring farmers into greater contact with exporters and wholesalers.
He noted that “for too long, farmers, wholesalers and exporters have not been communicating with each other and when there is a market need in many instances, the farming sector does not know about it, and oftentimes crops go to waste in the field since farmers don’t know where to sell their produce”.
“This is the problem we have. We have produce throughout the length and breadth of Jamaica but we need a facilitator to communicate from the farmer to the wholesaler, processor and exporters. We are going to put in place a system where we are going to be that link to bring the farmer in direct contact with the wholesaler, the processor and the exporter,” Mr. Hutchinson stated.
He noted that the Ministry is now looking at the proper procedures to ensure that the system, once implemented, operates efficiently.
Commending the work of the 4-H, the Agriculture State Minister said the movement is the perfect vehicle to introduce young people to farming and the benefits that can be derived from the industry.
Acknowledging the 4-H’s effort to integrate more value-added into its operations, Mr. Hutchinson said: “This is the direction, which we have to go in Jamaica. I congratulate the teachers in the schools as they are the ones driving and guiding the children to learn the new techniques and technologies.”

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