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The New Forest/Duff House Irrigation Society in Manchester staged their 2nd Annual Agricultural Expo on Thursday (April 16), showcasing produce from communities in the area.
Chairman of the group, Simon Supersad, said that the annual event resulted from the need for farmers to organize and market their produce in a structured manner.
“We are mobilising our resources to expose the many crops that we produce. Here tonight, we have over 100 farmers, the organization though, cares for over 400 farmers. We understand the need for increased production, and that is our objective for coming together,” he said.
The expo drew representatives from the National Irrigation Commission (NIC), the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA), and other agencies and personnel from entities to view the produce on display.
“The items here, at the different points, are clear indications that we have the potential to seize the opportunity in using technology to boost agricultural production in this parish, and for Jamaica,” he said.
The group has been receiving support from the Inter- American Development Bank (IDB). They have contractual arrangements to supply the SANDALS group with agricultural produce.

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