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The proposed Agricultural Development Fund, put forward by the Jamaica Agricultural Society (JAS), would be an appropriate buffer for the sector in a post-hurricane recovery period. That is the word from President of the JAS, Senator Norman Grant.
This fund, as proposed, would provide assistance for farmers on an ongoing basis for the development of agriculture, with elements specifically geared towards disaster alleviation.
The Senator, who is optimistic about the implementation of the fund, told JIS News that, “one of the proposals that we have placed on the table, is that in this upcoming year, we should try and see the fund [established] to the tune of $300 million… and as a companion to that, there should be the institution of a 1 per cent stamp duty on imported products, and that should go to the fund. [Also] on an ongoing basis, from the Consolidated Fund, there should be some allocation. to that fund.”
The Senator noted that such support would be extremely useful in post hurricane recovery efforts. The proposal for the Agricultural Development Fund, is being considered by the Ministry of Agriculture. It is based on the same principle as the Tourism Development Fund.

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