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Nicole DeGrasse-Johnson, Director of the School of Dance at the Edna Manley College of the Visual and Performing Arts, has appealed to adults “to start functioning better for our children,” noting that, “we are totally responsible for what children were not doing today”.
“We are not leading them the way we should lead them and this is reflected in how parents speak to their children, appreciate them and how they love them,” she said, while addressing the National Child Month Committee’s (NCMC) Poster Competition presentation ceremony on Thursday (June 23) at the Four Seasons Hotel.
The Director noted that, art provided a medium, through which Jamaica’s children could be rescued. “Our children are appealing to us daily through their work [art],” she stated.
She further observed, that the winning posters took a lot of thought and purpose and highlighted the fact that children possessed the skills to succeed in life and were capable of imparting knowledge to adults.
Meanwhile, Patron of Child Month and Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of GraceKennedy & Company Limited, Douglas Orane, who was also on hand, implored the students to explore opportunities other then traditional ways to make a living. “If you have a talent to draw, you can make a living from that,” he said.
The NCMC poster competition formed part of several activities that were organized to promote and educate persons on the needs of children during Child Month in May. Children submitted posters based on the theme, ‘Instilling Positive Values, Securing our Children’s Future’.
The top places in the competition went to competitors from Kingston High School. The winner was Dwight Patrick; second place went to Osmar Tomlinson; and Jahmar Walker placed third.

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