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The Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) recently handed over building materials totaling $1.5 million to residents of Portland Cottage affected by Hurricane Dean. The purchase was made possible through a $5 million grant obtained from the German Government for hurricane relief.
“After surveying places that were damaged by the hurricane, we decided that Portland Cottage had to be given priority attention. We then made contact with the German Government who responded with the usual kindness towards the people of Jamaica,” ADRA’s Director, Desmond Robinson, said at the handing-over ceremony recently. Also speaking to appreciative residents in the Portland Cottage community, German Ambassador to Jamaica, His Excellency Juergen Engel, expressed the delight of his Government in being able to help hurricane victims. “I saw the destruction caused by the hurricane, and we decided that we had to do something”, the Ambassador said. In an interview with JIS News, Pastor Desmond Robinson says ADRA was helping not only citizens of Portland Cottage but other victims in Clarendon, St. Thomas, St. Catherine and St. Elizabeth. ADRA will be assisting in rebuilding 136 homes.
The relief agency paid particular attention to pregnant mothers, families with young children and the indigent in deciding on its priority assistance programme. In addition to disaster relief, ADRA works in various communities where it offers mentoring to young people as well as assist with the upkeep of educational and training facilities.
“We engage in building communities and try to see how we can develop the minds of individuals as well as the physical structure of an area”, Mr. Robinson tells JIS News. “We also encourage voluntarism and community self-help. It is amazing and refreshing to see young men volunteering their time to replace the roofs of residents”. It is truly amazing to see young men volunteering their time to replace roofs,” he adds.

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