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I speak to you this morning wearing many hats.
Formally, I am capped as the Minister of Tourism Entertainment & Culture, and I have been presumably been invited to be the main speaker at this morning’s forum because we will be grappling with one of the most thorny issues affecting the tourism industry in particular, and by extension aspects of entertainment and culture. What’s more – this IS Ocho Rios.the ‘centre piece’ resort.
Another role of relevance here today is the fact that this is MY parish. My parish of residence – by choice, and the parish in which the people have handed me the privilege of representing them in the Parliament of the land – repeatedly.
I am also, as you might remember a lawyer by training and a business manager by experience in the Credit Union business. In both roles, the welfare of my fellow Jamaicans always takes centre stage.
As a lawyer, I am constantly driven to pursue a more just and equitable society.while as a credit union executive with substantial voluntary experience in development support agencies as well – I come to you steeped in the tradition of helping people succeed. It is all about recognizing the power of the full human potential.
Finally, and in my view, most importantly, I am here because I care. and before you say ‘awwww’ or anything that might suggest that this is clich

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