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Labour Day activities got off to a slow start in Portland today as heavy rains threatened, but activities picked up by mid morning as the skies began to clear.
Checks conducted by JIS News revealed that several projects were being carried out in a number of communities, as Portlanders joined the rest of the country to put work into Labour Day.
Among the projects being worked on were the clearing and bushing of roadways, the cleaning of playfields, the construction and refurbishing of bus sheds, tree planting and the painting of school buildings.
A total of 35 community and group projects were registered with the Portland Labour Day Committee, with the parish project being the refurbishing of the Mill Bank community centre to serve as a disaster shelter.
The facility is in a state of disrepair after being badly damaged by Hurricane Ivan last year. Today’s work will involve the re roofing of the building and the general cleaning of the compound.
When the JIS News visited the centre this morning, members of the Mill Bank community were busy packing lumber and other building materials to be used on the project.
Although there was a slight drizzle with heavily overcast skies, the residents displayed a high level of enthusiasm about the day’s activities and expressed optimism that the project would be a success.
Acting Secretary Manager of the Portland Parish Council, Ethlen Douglas, said the decision to repair the centre was a “very appropriate one”, and pledged the Council’s full support for the project.
Lynneth Wilkes, community coordinator for the project, said the residents were fully behind the effort, and thanked the Portland Labour Day Committee for the support it has provided.
She said that every effort will be made to complete the project today, but pointed out that if that was not possible, work would continue to complete it as early as possible.

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