ACP Grant Says Police And Civilians Should Pool Resources To Fight Crime

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Novelette Grant, head of the Jamaica Constabulary Force’s Strategic Review Implementation Team (SRIT), wants civilians to pool their knowledge and resources with the Police to reduce criminal activities in their communities.
“We cannot continue to sit back, as citizens, and believe that the problems of crime and disorder are the problems of those sworn in to law enforcement,” ACP Grant said.
“It doesn’t work like that anywhere in the world. It takes real partnership, driven by mutual respect and a desire for us all to live in a society of stability, security and prosperity and a real desire also to solve the problems that we face,” she added.

Participants from across western parishes participate in the Community Policing Conference held by The Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) at the Montego Bay Civic Centre Thursday (October 7) under the theme, ‘Partnerships for Safer Communities’.

ACP Grant was addressing citizens, including students from St. James, Hanover, Trelawny and Westmoreland, at the Community Policing Conference at the Montego Bay Civic Centre Thursday (October 7). The conference was staged by the Jamaica Constabulary Force (JCF) Strategic Review Implementation Team (SRIT), in conjunction with the Community Safety and Security Branch, under the theme “Partnerships for Safer Communities”.
ACP Grant said that the problems in society could not be solved only by enforcing the law. She said that they require other interventions, such as citizens and the police working together.
“We need to show the moral courage of citizens in a democracy, who understand our role and functions and are willing and able and committed to play our part. We cannot leave this task to just a few . community safety is everybody’s business,” she emphasized.
Mayor of Montego Bay, Councilor Charles Sinclair, in supporting the concept of community based policing, pointed out that the St. James Parish Council was currently engaged in discussions with the Ministry of National Security, for the creation of a Parish Crime Prevention Committee.
“In conjunction with that approach, it is the action on the part of Local and Central Government to ensure the physical improvement and appearance of communities,” the Mayor said.
Tied in with this, was the move to provide titles for lots in certain communities, so that those residents can show ownership of their lots, Mayor Sinclair said. The improved infrastructure and titling process will not only facilitate better movement of people and community policing, but will also bring about the desired change in how people view their communities and allow for their economic empowerment.
“These developments will positively impact on the efforts of community based policing”, the Mayor asserted.
The conference ended with a panel discussion on “Overcoming Barriers, Building Partnerships for Safer Communities”.

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