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An Ackee Festival, highlighting a variety of dishes made from the fruit, will be held on Emancipation Day (August 1) on the grounds of the Dinthill Technical High School in Linstead, St. Catherine.
This is the second staging of the event, which is being organised by the Linstead Area Development Committee.
Chairman of the Linstead Ackee Festival Committee, Ansel White told JIS News that proceeds from this year’s festival would be used to assist in the improvement of the Linstead Hospital.
“We also intend to use some of the funds to support activities of the Linstead Area Development Committee as well as agricultural and educational projects in the town,” he said.
Mr. White informed that the committee would be making efforts to sensitise community members and business persons about the festival, and encourage them to prepare dishes common to their areas.
He said the wide array of dishes would include “ackee and saltfish, roasted breadfruit, ackee pie, ackee dip, ackee and cornmeal, ackee and corned beef, ackee and red herring among the numerous dishes”.
According to Mr. White, a parade is being planned to promote the festival in 13 communities in the Linstead area.
However, he stressed that the event would not be limited to ackee dishes and that other popular meals such as jerk pork, jerk chicken, run-down and banana would also be on display.
Persons interested in participating in the festival may contact the Linstead Area Development Committee at 7 Church Street in Linstead.

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