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The Ministry of Land and Environment piloted a number of legislative reforms in 2004/05 to promote the effective administration, management, use, preservation, development and control of the island’s natural resources.
Land and Environment Minister, Dean Peart, who was making his contribution to the 2005/06 Sectoral Debate in Gordon House yesterday (June 21), said that among the laws amended and passed were the Land Surveyor’s Act, the Mining Act and the Registration of Titles Bill, the latter of which established the framework for an efficient land management system for Jamaica.
He further informed that, “we have enacted the Special Provisions Bill to waive the transfer tax and stamp duties so that more poor people can have access to titles, thus empowering themselves economically”.
Mr. Peart noted that the Ministry was implementing the Montreal Protocol on substances that deplete the ozone layer, with an Act for the preservation of the ozone layer being prepared. The law will incorporate the existing orders under the Trade Act concerning the control of the importation of ozone depleting substances.
“A most important aspect of this Act will be the requirement for refrigeration and air-conditioning technicians to be certified and licensed,” he said.
Meanwhile, new regulations under the Natural Resources Conservation Authority Act to manage emissions from industrial sources are being reviewed.
A major thrust towards waste management and pollution control and the formulation of the National Used Lead Acid Battery project are also being undertaken to improve the quality of life of the nation’s children.
“We amended the Real Estate Dealers and Developers Act in order to improve the ability of the Real Estate Board to better supervise development schemes and real estate practitioners,” Minister Peart told the House.
Further, the Wildlife Protection Act was also amended and a ticketing system introduced for certain offences under the law. This is in an effort to remove some of the red tape in enforcement. Mr. Peart also informed, that the Ministry was also actively involved in the finalization of the Watershed Policy, the Environmental Management Systems Policy and Strategy, and Green and Open Spaces Policy.

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