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    Some 760 Jamaica 4-H Club members and teachers in St. James have received training in varying life skills at several seminars held between November of last year and this month. This as the St. James 4H Advisory Council continues in its quest to properly equip all club members and teachers in the parish.
    According to Parish Development Officer for St. James, Topaz Johnson, approximately 42 training seminars have been held over the period, in areas such as rabbit, goat and poultry care and management, apiculture, table-setting, cake baking and decorating, sandwich making, agro-processing, budding and grafting, circumposing, and potting of plants, among others.
    Miss Johnson pointed out that there are 87 registered 4H Clubs in the parish for the current administrative year, and a total membership of approximately 4,100. She added that the aim is to increase registration by at least 900 and to reach as many teachers and clubbites as possible through the ongoing training seminars. “The teachers as well as the students are very excited about the training seminars, because the teachers themselves do not necessarily have the background in some of the disciplines being taught, and as such are very pleased to know that the 4H movement is providing this technical support. The students also enjoy the training because it makes them feel important because of the attention given to them and the knowledge gained,” she stated.
    Miss Johnson further explained that the support from the principals of the schools has been good, as many of them are familiar with the work of the 4H movement, and the benefits to be gained by participating teachers and students.
    Meanwhile she said that there is a new initiative to revive the Junior Leaders League within the parish, which is an organization comprising the executive members of the 4H clubs within the schools. Miss Johnson noted that the revived St. James Junior Leaders League had carried out its first project since its recent reorganization, which was a clean up of the UDC Dump-up-Beach, in Montego Bay.

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