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Young people from more than 650 4-H clubs across the island will be participating at the movement’s National Achievement Day, which will be held this Friday, April 28, at the Denbigh Showground in Clarendon.
Lenworth Fulton, Chief Executive Officer of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, told JIS News that this year’s event, which will be held under the theme: ‘Creating Wealth through Youth Development’, would “provide intense competition among the clubbites, interesting exhibits and clean entertainment”. He noted that this year’s theme, served to highlight the importance of young people “charting their own destinies”, by acquiring the relevant skills, which are required for them to gain employment or to start their own businesses.
The event, which is a culmination of the 14 parish achievement days held earlier this year, will see clubbites from school, church and community clubs vying for top prizes in a number of areas such as cake baking and decorating, agro-processing, goat care and management, poultry care management, drought management and public speaking. The 4-H boy and girl of the year will also be chosen at the event.
According to Mr. Fulton, the 4-H National Achievement Day is the highlight of all 4-H activities that were held during the year, and as such, he expects this year, like the previous years “to be very successful”.
In addition to exhibitions in the areas of home economics, agriculture and environmental management, Mr. Fulton noted that for the first time, a healthy lifestyle booth would be set up.
“What we want to do at the national event is to establish a tent that deals with healthy lifestyle issues, which is a programme that we have recently started. The tent will provide information about HIV/AIDS, teenage pregnancy, alcoholism, diabetes, hypertension and the importance of exercise,” he informed.
In addition to the exhibition, patrons can also look forward to an entertainment package, with performances by 2005 “Rising Star” winner Christopher Martin and Noddy Virtue, who placed second. The entry fees for this year are $100 for adults and $50 for children.
The event, which is being staged at a cost of some $3.2 million, is being sponsored by Digicel, Jamaica Money Market Brokers, Antilles Chemicals, Agro Grace Limited, the Environmental Foundation of Jamaica, the Jamaica Agricultural Society, the Council for Voluntary Social Services (CVSS), and the Ministry of Agriculture and Land.

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