$63.3 Million for Institutional Strengthening of PIOJ

The Planning Model Development and National Development Plan ‘T21’ will, during the 2007/08 financial year, receive $63.3 million to, among other things, continue with the institutional strengthening of the Planning Institute of Jamaica (PIOJ).
The funds, which have been allotted in the Estimates of Expenditure, which were tabled in the House of Representatives last week, will also assist with the customization of the Threshold 21 Developmental Model, as well as the preparation of the National Development Plan. Implemented by the PIOJ, the objective of the project is a long term national developmental plan, which would put Jamaica in a position to achieve developed country status by 2030, supported by a development model as a tool to facilitate a comprehensive, dynamic and integrated approach to the plan. The Caribbean Development Bank-funded project began in July of last year and is slated for completion by July, 2008. Up to December of last year, there were a number of achievements, including overseas training for three persons from the PIOJ and one from the Ministry of Education and Youth in systems dynamics for the ‘T21 Model’. In-house training was conducted by consultants; a task force was identified and an implementation unit was established.

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