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A sum of $609.48 million has been set aside in the 2008/09 Estimates of Expenditure for the development of sport and recreational facilities, under the Venezuelan Investment Fund – BANDES.
The projects, which are being implemented by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), include the GC Foster College football field ($20 million); the Stadium East practice field ($3.5 million); phase two of the Port Maria Civic centre ($120.8 million); phase two of the Montego Bay Sports Complex ($342.4 million), and the Simon Bolivar Centre ($122.6 million).
The Venezuelan Investment Fund is expending $530.8 million on the project, while the Government of Jamaica is putting up $78.6 million. The funds will complete construction of a football field and spectator stand at the G.C. Foster College; construction of the East Practice Field at Independence Park; restoration works on phase two of the Port Maria Civic Centre; implementation of the contract for the Montego Bay sports complex by September of this year; and award a contract for the Simon Bolivar Centre.
Up to last month, achievements included: construction of a perimeter fence around independence park; relocation of six old towers to Stadium East; refurbishing of the National Arena’s electrical and air-conditioning system; construction of two tennis courts and support facilities; and construction of seating, toilet/changing facilities to enable the facility to be used independent of the National Stadium.
The works also included construction of a car park and installation of lights and drains; relocation of the national stadium police to the North-Eastern section of Arthur Wint Drive; completion of the football field to international standards; completion of the rehabilitation of the National Stadium; and completion of Stadium East seating and changing room facilities.
At the G.C. Foster College, electrical and plumbing works were upgraded, and pre-construction activities undertaken for seating and the football field. Meanwhile, phase one of the restoration of the Eastern section of the court house on the Port Maria Civic Centre project was completed, as well as designs and contract documents for phase two.
Building and external works, including car park and landscaping, were completed at the Montego Bay Civic Centre and are to be handed over, while phase one of the multi-media library at the multi-media centre was completed, along with the designs for phase two (administration building).
Construction of infrastructure works (phase two) was done at the Montego Bay Sports Complex. In addition, drainage and base for an all-weather track was prepared, prequalification submission evaluated and approved, and contract awarded, with implementation 10 per cent complete.
The Simon Bolivar Cultural Centre saw working drawings completed; the KSAC building approval granted; land acquisition completed the National Contracts Committee approval for limited tendering granted and the tendering of contract.

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