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A sum of $57 million has been allocated to the Enhancement of Basic Schools Project, which falls under the Early Childhood Programme, in the Ministry of Education, Youth and Culture.
The money, which has been earmarked in the 2004/05 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House, is focussed on enabling young children to learn and develop optimally.
Among the targets for 2004/05 are the completion of pre-contract work for civil works, and the commencement of training of 240 basic school teachers. It is also expected that 3,000 Early Childhood Policy and Standards documents will be reproduced, as well as 1,000 student manuals. Achievements recognized under this project up to February 2004, include the collection of baseline data, and the completion of the Terms of Reference for consultants who will assist with design and specifications of furniture, play and learning equipment.
The project, which is expected to end in March 2006, is funded by the Government and the Caribbean Development Bank.

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