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Approximately 453 projects have been registered with the Social Development Commission (SDC) for Labour Day 2005. The parish of St. Thomas has so far registered the most projects, with 60 planned activities.
With the emphasis on disaster preparedness this year, most of the projects will focus on clearing drains and gully and the repair of community centres to provide shelter in the event of disaster.
Dr. Donald Rhodd, State Minister for Education, Youth and Culture, told JIS News in a recent interview, that communities were being encouraged to renovate the centres, to reduce the use of schools as disaster shelters.
“Traditionally, we have used schools as some of the main places where we house people during times of disaster and that has created a number of challenges whereby students are prevented from attending school and people vandalize and remove school furniture and other equipment,” he pointed out.
The national project is the renovation of the Buena Vesta community centre in Myersville, St. Elizabeth and this is intended to serve as a model for similar facilities across the island. Ten parishes have registered the repair and renovation of community centres as their major parish projects.
In Trelawny, there will be the renovation of the Wakefield community centre; in Portland, work will be carried out on the Mill Bank community centre; in Westmoreland, the Bog community centre will be renovated; in St. Thomas, work will be done on the Llandewy community centre; the Allman Town community centre is the national project for Kingston, while in St. Andrew, the Enid Anglin community centre will be repaired.
Additionally renovation work will be carried out on the Amity Hall, New Bowens, Sydenham Villas and the Flagaman community centres in the parishes of St. James, Clarendon, St. Catherine and St. Elizabeth respectively.
The scope of work to be carried out on these facilities includes the replacement of roofs, doors, and windows; the painting of the buildings, as well as installing bathroom facilities.
Other Labour Day activities in the parishes will involve; the cleaning of beaches, road patching, installing road signs, the construction of communal garbage units, tree planting, school repairs, the bushing of roadways and beautification activities.
Meanwhile, Calvert Barclay, Special Programmes Manager at the SDC, informed that the Ministry of Land and Environment will carry out an island wide project to collect used lead acid batteries. The project will be done in collaboration with the National Solid Waste Management Authority (NSWMA).
Labour Day 2005 will be observed on Monday, May 23 under the theme: ‘Prepare for Disaster, Recover Faster’.

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