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Forty-five women are among a number of Jamaicans departing for Canada between Tuesday and Wednesday (April 28-29) this week, to work as seafood packers in British Columbia, on the overseas employment programme.
According to the Minister of Labour and Social Security, Hon. Pearnel Charles, the departure of the women is an indication that the Government is committed to expanding the pool of workers on the overseas programme.
Mr. Charles added that the Government has been systematic in its approach to taking advantage of available overseas employment opportunities, as it seeks to keep its commitment to Jamaican workers.
Of the 45 departing female workers, aged 21-40, 22 left today(Tuesday), while the remaining 23 will depart Wednesday(April 29). They will be employed in Cape Ball, which is off the Pacific Coast of British Columbia.
An additional 15 new workers will also benefit from employment opportunities on May 1, at Westmorland Fisheries, British Columbia, which is one of the newest employers to join the programme. Seven men will make up this group, which will also work as seafood packers. They will remain in Canada for about eight months.
Last year May, Cape Ball employed 18 women, but later added 95 men, who successfully completed the programme.

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