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Some 40 bridges are expected to be rehabilitated over the next two years under the Mabey and Johnson Priority Bridge Programme in the Ministry of Transport and Works.
This is outlined in a document tabled in the House of Representatives, yesterday (June 14), by the Minister of Transport and Works, Robert Pickersgill. The document gives details of the performances of agencies and departments, which operate under the Ministry.
According to the document, the contract calls for the design, fabrication and supply of bridge members, with some 43 bridges already identified for replacement and two for rehabilitation.
Under the Jamaica Bridge Development Programme, well over 700 bridges spanning just over 5,000 kilometres of main road across the island have been thoroughly examined. “The survey has given us a true picture of the state of our bridges and has put us in the position to take the necessary steps to protect them,” the document stated.
Also, under the R.A. Murray Bridge Programme, eight bridges are currently under construction and are at varying stages of completion. “Under Phase II of the programme, we have identified eight bridges and have completed the designs and fabrication,” the document noted.
The programme is for a duration of five years, with the construction of an average eight bridges per year.

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