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The ninth staging of the St. James 4-H Clubs Advisory Council’s premier fund-raising event, The Tropicana Nyammins and Jammins Food Festival, is slated to take place on National Heroes Day, Monday( October 19) at the Catherine Hall Entertainment Complex, Montego Bay.
At a Press launch at the Sunset Beach Resort and Spa, Montego Bay, on Wednesday Sept. 23, the organisers explained that this year’s Nyammins and Jammins Food Festival will be staged with the usual aims to provide wholesome family entertainment, while raising funds for the training and development of 4-H clubbites in St. James.
Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the Jamaica 4-H movement, Lenworth Fulton, in endorsing the event, explained that the Festival is the flagship fundraising event of the 4-H in Jamaica. He said that since it was launched, nine years ago, the 4-H movement has started other initiatives, to the extent that there is a major fundraiser in each parish.
He congratulated the volunteers in St. James for their dedication over the years, and urged them to continue to raise funds for the training of young people within the parish.
Montego Bay businessman and Managing Director of the Barnett Group of Companies, Mark Kerr-Jarrett, in the main address, underscored the importance of agriculture to Jamaica’s economy.
“We have the capacity, we have the land, we have the water, we have the people and we have the knowledge and the technology to feed ourselves. It (agriculture) now has to be promoted, and it has to be promoted effectively at the national level,” he suggested.
He said that investments in agriculture must be viewed as a matter of paramount importance to the nation. He also expressed the hope that the 4-H movement will play an integral role in the re-establishment of the rural economy.
“We need to get our young people back out into the country, we need to start being self-sufficient in protein and starch, and we can”, he stated.
He said that Jamaica, the third largest land mass in the region, is one of the few Caribbean countries that have the potential to have a viable agricultural sector and a ready market for its products within the region.

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