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    Members of 4-H clubs in Portland have been challenged to use the skills they have acquired in the organization to empower themselves to become responsible and productive citizens in their communities.
    The charge came from Roselyn Fisher, Executive Director of the Scientific Research Council, when she gave the main address at the official opening of the 2006 Portland 4-H Youth Expo and Fair at the College of Agriculture, Science and Education last week.
    A total of 39 4-H Clubs in the parish participated in the event, which featured a number of competitive and non-competitive events, including public speaking, cake baking, meal preparation, sandwich making, table setting, budding and grafting, composting and potting of plants and cultural performances by clubbites and a number of artistes.
    The event was planned to showcase the activities of the 4-H Movement in Portland over the past year, and to culminate celebrations in the parish marking the 65th anniversary of the founding of the organization.
    Miss Fisher told the 4-H clubbites that they should make every effort to excel in whatever they did, because nothing less would be able to guarantee them success in a world which was becoming increasingly competitive.
    She encouraged them to use their skills to ensure their independence and guarantee the protection of their welfare as citizens, adding that such independence would enable them to create their own employment instead of having to seek work from other persons. Miss Fisher encouraged the young people of the country to always make a special effort to increase their knowledge by improving their education, and implored them to use any information available to their own benefit, as in so doing, they would not only be improving their own lives, but would also be enabling the country to maintain its viability in the global community.
    She emphasised that it was of critical importance for them to believe in themselves, and to embrace proper attitudes and values.

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