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Thirty 4-H clubbites received prizes from St. Mary 4-H Clubs for their effort in the recently held Achievement Day exercise, at the organization’s annual awards presentation ceremony held at the Charlattonburgh Training Centre in Highgate on June 17.
The prizes were presented to participants from the parish who placed first, second and third in the Achievement Day’s competitive events, which included rabbit care and management, goat care and management, cake baking, agro-processing, making of table mats, 4-H Boy and Girl of the year, public speaking and environmental challenge.
Among the main prizes were trophies for the St. Mary 4-H Boy and Girl of the year, which were received by Lathan Grandison and Janice Washington of Tacky High School and St. Mary High School, respectively, and a special award to Claudette Barrett, Leader of the Free Hill Primary School 4-H Club, for her outstanding leadership in the 4-H organization.
Janet Rose-Bryan, Parish Manager for the Social Development Commission (SDC) in St. Mary, who delivered the keynote address, congratulated the recipients and encouraged them to continue to make use of the opportunities available to them through their membership in the 4-H organization.
She commended the 4-H Movement for the work it has been doing to prepare the young people of the country to become exemplary citizens, and paid special tribute to the schools for the invaluable support they were providing to the organization through their facilitation of its programmes and activities for the benefit of their students. Mrs. Rose-Bryan stressed the need for more resources to be provided in schools for the further development of co-curricular activities, and appealed to the 4-H clubbites to place a high level of importance on moral development, as they build their characters and play their part in community and nation building.
Also speaking at the function was Lenworth Fulton, Executive Director of the Jamaica 4-H Clubs, who also congratulated the recipients for the prizes they won, and assured them that the organization would continue to work with them to assist them in their efforts to become responsible adults.

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