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A total of 37 projects have been registered in the parish of Trelawny for National Labour Day 2005.
The work to be undertaken includes the upgrading of community centres, planting of trees and drain cleaning activities.
In keeping with the emphasis on disaster preparedness, the renovation of the Wakefield community centre has been chosen as the parish project. “It is our intention to repair and refurbish it so that it will be able to serve as a shelter in times of disaster, as well as a training facility,” said David Gardner, Secretary Manager of the Trelawny Parish Council.
He told JIS News, that the parish was soon to undergo a number of developments and the aim of the various Labour Day projects was to “get the citizens to develop and maintain a spirit of oneness as they worked to build a better Trelawny”. “We expect to get full support from the members of the different communities in the parish as we do repair work to the identified facilities on Labour Day. If we work on the projects as planned, then I believe that we will be in good stead for the hurricane season that is to begin soon,” he stated.
Mr. Gardner mentioned that agencies such as the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC), the Social Development Commission (SDC) and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority (RADA) among others, would be working closely with the Council to achieve positive outcomes on Labour Day.
“Labour Day 2005 in Trelawny is expected to be a very bright and successful one and I am appealing to the members of the various communities to give their fullest support and work with us,” Mr. Gardner stated.
National Labour Day 2005 will be observed on Monday, May 23 under the theme: ‘Prepare for disaster, Recover faster’.

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