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Thirty seven persons in Portland are still being housed in emergency shelters in two communities, as a result of the impact of Tropical Storm Gustav.
The shelters are located at Jones Park Community Centre in the community of Manchioneal, and the City Mission Church in Mount Pleasant.
Thirty five of the persons are accommodated at Manchioneal, while the other two have been facilitated at Mount Pleasant.
This figure represents a significant reduction in the number of persons who had been placed in shelters immediately following the passage of the storm, when almost 300 persons were put in shelters.
Parish Manager for the Portland Office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security, Gloria Clarke, said food and other items needed by the persons in the shelters have been distributed, in order to ensure that their welfare needs are met.
She said the main reason for the gradual reduction in the amount of persons in shelters, is the fact that many of the houses damaged by the storm have been repaired.
On the provision of relief supplies to other affected persons in the parish, Mrs. Clarke said members of the welfare team of the Portland Disaster Committee, have been distributing food and toiletries to affected persons in various communities since Friday of last week, adding that mattresses and tarpaulins would also be distributed to needy persons as soon as these items are available.
She pointed out that assessments of damage and losses suffered by persons commenced on Saturday of last week, and that help from the officers of the St. Thomas office of the Ministry of Labour and Social Security would be sought in this effort, to ensure that the exercise is carried out as speedily as possible.
Communities in which assessments have already been carried out, she said, included Hectors River, Grange Hill, Mount Pleasant, Long Bay, Muirton Pen, Kensington, Rural Hill, Toms Hope, Stanton, Boundbrook and Orange Bay.