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A 35-member medical team from the United States will be staging several health clinics in Jamaica, beginning with one in the Maroon community of Accompong in St. Elizabeth on Saturday, January 14, starting at 10:00 a.m.
The visit has the full support of the Accompong Maroon Council, the Accompong Development Foundation as well as the Council of Overseas Maroons.
Residents of the village and from other adjoining communities, such as Williamsfield, Bethsalem, Retirement and Whitehall are being urged by team leader, Dr. Roy Streete, to come out and take advantage of the dental, optical, general medical and paediatric checks that would be given free of cost.
“The visiting team is on a nine-day mission, and with the help of the Organisation for International Development (OID), during the course of our time in Jamaica, we intend to be active in most of the parishes,” he pointed out.
Dr. Streete said that following the visit to the Maroon village, his team would be moving on to Spanish Town in St. Catherine and Riverton City in Kingston on Monday, January 16.
“By Tuesday, we should be at Silent Hill, a community which straddles the parishes of Manchester and Clarendon and then by the very next day, we are off to the western side of Jamaica in St. James and Hanover,” he indicated.
Colonel of the Accompong Maroons and Head of the Accompong Foundation, Sidney Peddie told JIS News that many residents should benefit from the overseas visit.
“It is our intention to try and mobilise as many persons as possible to come out and take advantage of the services being offered by Dr. Streete and his team of doctors,” he said.
Colonel Peddie pointed out that persons in attendance would also have an opportunity to hear about disaster preparedness.
“Our local disaster co-ordinator and the Jamaica Information Service will be on hand to give a special presentation on what to do in the event of an earthquake,” he explained.

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