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The second phase of the Reform of Secondary Education (ROSE) Project has received $312 million in the 2006/2007 Estimates of Expenditure in order to continue improvement of the quality and equity of secondary education through school-based initiatives.
The Estimates were tabled in the House of Representatives yesterday (April 12) by Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Omar Davies.
Among the objectives of project, which began in January 2003 and is slated to end in June 2008, is the expansion of access to upper secondary education in a cost-effective manner through the building of new schools; extension and refurbishment of other schools; public financing of private secondary education; time tabling of the use of some schools and extending the day or implementing a double shift system; and strengthening the capacity of the Ministry of Education and Youth and regional offices to manage reform.
Up to February 2006, the ROSE Project saw 100 per cent staffing for the project implementation unit; the printing of 300 school improvement manuals; the sensitisation workshops for school personnel; the training of 396 school personnel in school improvement planning; the establishment of six regional review panels, the training of 414 guidance counsellors, and the development of diagnostic tools for literacy and numeracy for Grades Seven to Nine.
Jointly funded by the Jamaican government and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, for the 2006/2007 fiscal period the project will seek to complete construction and extension work at the Annotto Bay High School and begin construction and extension work on the Paul Bogle High School, as well as procure furniture and equipment for the Annotto Bay High School.
Additionally, the ROSE Project will continue the implementation of 99 school plans; continue the consultancy in the development of diagnostic tools; print 5,000 copies of guidance and counselling manuals, and provide tuition for 435 students in independent schools.

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