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A total of $300 million has been allocated to the Sport and Recreational Facilities Development Project in the Office of the Prime Minister for the current fiscal period.
The provision was made in the 2006/2007 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.The project, which is funded by the government of Jamaica and the Venezuelan Investment Fund, is being implemented by the Urban Development Corporation (UDC), and is designed to build and upgrade sports and cultural facilities.
Physical achievements anticipated for the current fiscal period include the construction of the stadium east practice field at Independence Park and providing seating and bathroom facilities. It is also expected that the construction of the football field and the spectator stand at the GC Foster College will be done.
In addition, it is envisaged that the completion of phase II of the Port Maria civic centre in St. Mary will be 60 per cent completed and that work will commence on phase III of the Montego Bay sports complex in St. James. It is expected that at least 29 per cent of the work on this facility will be completed.
Up to January 2006, several achievements had been made under the programme with several upgrades to the Independence Park facility including the construction of a perimeter fence around the park; refurbishing of the National Arena’s electrical and air-conditioning system; construction of a car park; installation of drains and relocation of the National Stadium police station.
Plumbing and electrical works at G.C. Foster were also upgraded; completion of buildings and external works including car park and landscaping of Montego Bay civic centre; restoration of the eastern section of Port Maria civic centre; and the erection of perimeter fencing and completion of building works at the Frome sports complex in Westmoreland.
Meanwhile, an additional $12 million was allocated to the Possibility Project for the establishment of a hostel to accommodate young men registered in the programme, but who continue to live on the streets. Assistance will be received from the Rotary Club of St. Andrew in support of the effort.
The Possibility Project is a multi-agency initiative aimed at providing the necessary resources and support for street children and youth to better improve their life chances. The project is designed to coordinate the activities of all the agencies involved in the care of this target group and is an initiative of the Office of the Prime Minister.

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