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The Sustainable Fisheries Management project in the Ministry of Agriculture has been allocated $3 million to carry out necessary work during the new fiscal year.
As stated in the 2004/05 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives, the funds will see to the institutional strengthening of the Fisheries Division, which entail a review of the existing legislative mandate and administrative capacity of the Jamaica Fisheries Division; finalization of the Fisheries Policy and Strategic Action Plan for the sustainable development of the fisheries sector; and to assess the status of production practices in the sector, to include a review of reports on the status of harvesting practices of capture and culture fish.
Other anticipated physical targets for the 2004/05 period are to assist the planning for sustainable fisheries resources management. This will include the convening of a national workshop for fisheries managers and other representatives and users of the Jamaican coastal zone and to present and discuss the draft report on the National Policy Framework and Strategic Plan for the Fisheries Division.
The preparation of the circulation of a White Paper, Green Paper, Cabinet Submission and final report that will detail the National Policy Framework and Strategic Plan for Sustainable Fisheries Development will also be carried out.
The project, which was implemented in April 2003, was extended to March 2005. It has accomplished to date, the assessment of the status and production practices in the Fisheries Sector with the review of relevant literature.
It has provided for the institutional strengthening of the Fisheries Division through assistance from the Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO) and facilitated the revision of a draft Fisheries Bill and the initial meeting of the newly established National Fisheries Advisory Committee.
The objectives of the project are to assist the Government of Jamaica in assessing the current status and production practices in the fisheries sector, providing advice to strengthen the institutional and administrative capabilities of the Fisheries Division to implement the sustainable management of capture and culture fisheries and to assist in planning for the sustainable management of the fisheries resources.
The project is funded by the Government and the FAO and is being implemented by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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