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Cabinet on (November 20), approved the award of contracts in the sum of $405.2 million for repair work to be done on 26 roads in 10 parishes, under the special flood damage rehabilitation programme for 2006/07.
Addressing the weekly post Cabinet press-briefing at Jamaica House, Minister of Information and Development, Donald Buchanan, said the works to be carried out included, “repairs to walls. repairs to or replacement of reinforced concrete culverts; provision of side-drainage and cross-drainage to protect the pavement against water damage; and the strengthening or reconstruction of the pavement to accommodate the projected 10-year traffic volume”.
The contracts have been awarded to four companies in six packages. Package one was awarded to Buildrite Construction in the sum of $77.1 million to effect repairs to the road from Kupius through Colonel’s Ridge to Kellits; and the road from Rhymesbury to Osbourne Store. The second package of just over $51 million was also awarded to Buildrite to effect repairs to the road from Frankfield to Lampart; the Michelville Road; the Spring Ground Road; Maxwell Road, and the road from Fearon to Tweedside, all of which are in Clarendon.Meanwhile, works under package three will be carried out by Construction Solutions in the sum of $82.8 million. Repairs will be effected to Lindhurst Road (Manchester), Nottingham Road (Manchester), Redground Road (St. Elizabeth), the road from YS to Magotty (St. Elizabeth), and Elliston Road in Manchester.
The fourth package was awarded to Alcar Construction at a cost of $52.6 million, to effect repairs to the road from Port Morant to Style Hut (St. Thomas); Westlian Hill Road (St. Thomas); the road from Barrack to Way Bridge (Portland); the road from Ythanside to Cheptowe (Portland); and Johnstown Road (Portland).
Package Five, Mr. Buchanan informed, has been awarded to Dwight’s Construction in the sum of $81 million to carry out works on the Barnes Pen Road in St. Catherine; the Cock Row Road at Top Hill, also in St. Catherine; the Happy Grove Road in St. Andrew; the road from Williamsfield to Gobay (St. Catherine); the Bellfield Line Road in St. Mary; and Sherlock Avenue, in St. Catherine.
The sixth package of $59.9 million went to Construction Solution to carry out works on the road from Round Hill to Treasure Beach in St. Elizabeth; the road from Garlands to Red Dirt in St. James, and the road from Grange Hill to Little London in Westmoreland.
“All government procurement guidelines were adhered to and the works to be carried out under these contracts will be monitored by qualified personnel from the National Works Agency,” Minister Buchanan told journalists.

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