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Some 250 students graduated from the Moneague College in St. Ann on November 21, having successfully completed courses of study in the arts, sciences, education, and in technical and vocational areas.
The graduates are now fully prepared to pursue advanced studies or to join the workforce.In her address at the function, Minister of Education, Youth and Culture, Maxine Henry-Wilson, pointed out that the quality of any society was to a great extent, determined by the level of education that its people received.
Using the words of National Hero, Rt. Excellent Marcus Mosiah Garvey, the Education Minister said that education was the medium through which people were prepared for the creation of their own civilization.
“The very essence of education is not how long or deep is the chronology of what you have learnt but what you do with what you have learnt. The society has made a significant investment in you by providing you with tertiary education,” she told the graduates.
She noted that the multidisciplinary institution, which is both a teacher training and community college, had been making significant efforts in providing quality education to all students, whether on campus or through its outreach posts. “We are very proud of our community college network because it has been able to carry out the fulfillment of a mandate, which is to grant access to education, reaching persons wherever they are,” Mrs. Henry Wilson stated.
She encouraged the graduates to strive for excellence at all times. “Watch those places you walk and mind the people you talk to. You have got to be strong and do the best you can. The world is out there, conquer your fears but don’t wait too long,” she advised.

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