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On Wednesday, May 9 (Teachers’ Day), 25 recipients will be presented with the Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation for their service to education.
The medal is awarded to teachers who have made significant contribution to the development of Jamaica, through education.
The award is given to a teacher who has served for a minimum of 15 years; who has displayed exceptional service in the teaching profession, and has shown evidence of community involvement and creativity in the service given.
Recipients for this year’s award are: Dr. Sydney Beaumont, Rev. Dr. Basil Chambers, Phyllis Clarke, Mazie Clunis, Pernell Crossman, Bruce Dale, Arlington Dyer, Byron Farquharson, Hyacinth Forde, Jeremiah Golding, Evelyn Gyles, Doris Hamilton-Willie, Marjorie Henry, Freda Jones, Sonia Knowles, Edna McKoy, Dr. Claude Packer, Phyllis Reynolds, Lady Yvonne Richardson, Ewart Smythe, Altie Spence, Valorie Tinglin, Beverley Ulett, May Veronia Whittley, and Ena Young.
Speaking with JIS News, Mrs. Henry, who served at the Glenmuir High School in Clarendon for 39 years as teacher and vice principal, said that she was “elated and appreciative” that she is one of the recipients of this year’s award.
Mrs. Henry said even though her time as a teacher was challenging, it was also exciting, and she had no regrets in her choice of profession. She said that a high point in her career was seeing her students achieve 100 per cent pass in Geography, with excellent grades at the CSEC level.
She said that she used the opportunity as a teacher to impact positively on the lives of her students, who would tell her “thanks” many years later.
Mrs. Henry stressed that teachers should not allow challenges to overcome them, but should be influential in the lives of the students.
“Teachers must realize that they are role models, as they impact on the lives of the students. Teachers must be committed to their tasks, yes there are challenges, but they must use these challenges as catalysts to push their students to higher levels. They have the future generation in their hands and they must make sure that they help to mould the lives of these young people,” she said.
The Prime Minister’s Medal of Appreciation is awarded during the observance of Education Week, which falls within the first full week of May.

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