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Approximately 24,000 tonnes of cement will be made available this week.Some 16,000 tonnes will be produced by the Caribbean Cement Company Limited (CCCL), while the additional 8,000 tonnes will be imported from Cuba.
This is the word from the Ministry of Industry, Technology, Energy and Commerce (MITEC), in conjunction with the Incorporated Master Builders Association, the Hardware Merchants Association, and the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce.
At a joint meeting at the Ministry today (August 28), the entities reported that last week the Cement Company sold 17,040 tonnes of cement which, when translated into bags, amounted to 399,000.
Of the 17,040 tonnes, 4,209 represented bulk, 1,326 were jumbo bags, while 11,505 were small bags.
The company is reporting that year-to-date sales have amounted to 571,573 tonnes, compared with 583,625 tonnes for the similar period last year.

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