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The Road Rehabilitation Project has been allocated $206 million for the upgrading of 274 kilometres of road sections in 12 parishes.
This sum is included in the 2006/07 Estimates of Expenditure, now before the House of Representatives.
As part of the road rehabilitation programme, in Westmoreland, roads slated for repairs include Smithfield to Scotts Cove, Torrington to Galloway, Georges Plain to Ferris, Gooden River to Glasgow, and Toro Gate to Locust Tree.
In the parish of St. Elizabeth, Luana to Sandy Ground is scheduled for repair, while in St. Ann, Alexandria to Brown’s Town has been identified for rehabilitation.
For Manchester, roads to be repaired include Whitney Turn to Trinity, Kendall Bypass to Clarks Town, Trinity to Williamsfield, Caines Shop to Highgate Hall, Williamsfield to Mandeville via Greenvale, and Walderston to Grantham.
According to the Estimates, in the parish of Clarendon, the roads that run from Sour Sop to Danks, and Danks to Mears Bridge are to be repaired, while the road from Stony Hill to Toms River and the Airport Road to the Harbour View Roundabout, both in Kingston and St. Andrew, are also slated for repairs.
Other roadways that are to be rehabilitated are: Ulster Spring to Albert Town, Falmouth to Springvale, and Setting to Highgate Hall, all in Trelawny; Oracabessa to Union Hill and Rio Nuevo to Lambkin Hill in St. Mary; Twickenham Park to Old Harbour Roundabout (bypass) and Twickenham Park to Old Harbour Roundabout in St. Catherine, and Port Morant to Pleasant Hill in St. Thomas.
Funded by the Jamaican government and the Kuwait Fund for Arab Economic Development, the project originally got underway in April 2002 but has since been extended twice, with a completion date now set for December 2006.
Up to March of this year, the project has recorded such achievements as the completion and final certification of lots 6 and 9 (Williamsfied to Greenvale via Mandeville, Mandeville to Mark Post) in Manchester, the substantial completion of lot 13, Stony Hill to Tom’s River (St. Andrew) with the defects liability period in effect, and the completion of lot 2 – Twickenham Park to Old Harbour Roundabout (Spanish Town Bypass) with the defects liability period also in effect.
A total of 61.69 kilometres of roads have been rehabilitated during the period.

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