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Minister of Finance and Planning, Dr. Omar Davies, has said that the 2006 financial year was the best in his 14 years as head of the Ministry.
Minister Davies, who spoke to JIS News at the opening of the Jamaica Stock Exchange Investments and Capital Markets conference in Montego Bay on January 10, credited the success to prudent government policies over the years, which have begun to bear fruit “I feel very gratified about the way in which the economy is performing,” he stated.
“Inflation this year is going to be about six per cent or under, interest rates are coming down,” he added, while making mention of increased foreign direct investment, particularly in the tourism sector.He noted that focus would now be placed on extending the economic growth to more small and medium-sized enterprises.
Turning to the three-day conference, Dr. Davies said the event was another step in highlighting investment opportunities in the country.
With the regional scope of the conference, the Finance Minister said that events of this nature would help to enhance regional integration.
“We are working towards a single market and a single economy, we need to sit with each other on nitty-gritty issues, we need to find ways of stimulating greater cross border trading,” he stated.

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