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The livestock competition, held as part of the just concluded Denbigh Agricultural Show, has been deemed the best and most competitive in recent years, despite the recent challenges that have plagued the agriculture sector.
Chairperson of the Denbigh Livestock Exhibits Committee and Deputy Director of Bodles Research Station, Jasmin Holness told JIS News, that even though the number of entrants were less than in previous years, the standard was among the highest, with marked improvements in the quality of entries.
“We had a total of 13 exhibitors; seven goat exhibitors, one sheep and eight cattle exhibitors.over 100 goats, 13 sheep, and 86 heads of cattle,” she noted.
“The quality has been outstanding and I am feeling good that farmers still maintain the best quality despite the trauma that they have gone through, the standards have been maintained and in some cases surpassed,” she added.
Manager for Y.S Farms in St. Elizabeth, Dr. Karl Wellington, who is a veteran competitor in the livestock competition, also noted the high quality of this year’s competition.
“It used to be a very good competition and then it went into a kind of relapse, but the farmers have bounced back and have responded in spite of the challenges that they have experienced,” he stated.
Meanwhile, Anchovy Farms in Trelawny won the Alpart cups for best Champion Goat and Sheep Exhibitor; the Agricultural Development Corporation (ADC) was named Champion Cattle Exhibitor; while Y.S Farms copped the Ivomec Perpetual Challenge Cup for attaining the largest number of points per entry exhibited, as well as the coveted T.P.Lecky trophy for Champion Exhibitor, for the Jamaica Red Poll Breed.
Bodles Research Station copped the top spot in the dairy cattle competition; Y.S Farms and ADC shared the winning trophy in the beef cattle category and Anchovy Farms won first place in the Small Ruminant (sheep and goat) categories.
Other awardees included Ebony Park HEART Academy, which won the Hardware & Lumber trophy for Champion Buck; Oral Robinson, an individual exhibitor copped the award for Champion Doe; and Bodles walked away with the awards for Supreme Champion Dairy Heifer, Supreme Champion Dairy Bull and Supreme Champion Beef Bull.
The 2005 Denbigh Agricultural Show was held from July 30 to August 1 in May Pen, Clarendon.

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