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The Northern Coastal Highway Improvement Project (NCHIP) will receive $2.87 million this fiscal year to, among other things, continue monitoring road construction works for segment 2a and 3, and revise the operation and procedure manual for monitoring of road work.
The objectives of the project are: to establish an environmental monitoring unit for highway construction projects that will monitor the northern highway improvement project for the duration of its construction phase; monitor and enforce the mitigation measures as set out in the environmental assessment report for the entire project; and select and refer National Environment and Planning Agency (NEPA) staff for training in environmental monitoring and management under the NCHIP, in order to adequately equip technically, all the NEPA branches that will be involved in monitoring road work projects.
Up to March of this year, achievements included: preparation of the four-year work plan and budget; monthly environment and monitoring reports for segments 2a and 3; development of operation and procedural manual (draft); training of NEPA’s enforcement officers in monitoring of road construction works; and procurement of field, office and lab equipment related to monitoring of road construction works completed.

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