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Some 16 shelters are still open in Clarendon, housing some 357 persons who were affected by Hurricane Ivan. Rohan Blake, Director of Planning at the Clarendon Parish Council, told JIS News that most of the people were housed at the Bustamante High School, the Portland Cottage All-age School and the Watsonton Primary School.
“Most of the persons remaining in the shelters are in the southern part of the parish, the others are a few families who we are trying to return to their homes by issuing them with tarpaulins to cover their homes,” he said.
He pointed out that the majority of persons in the southern part of the parish might remain homeless after leaving the shelters, as they had lost everything. He noted, however, that the Clarendon Parish Council was doing everything in its power to provide some form of assistance, particularly large tents to house these persons.
Mr. Blake also said that a database had been established at the Council to log assistance to the various communities, to avoid duplication.

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