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Two contracts for the completion and rehabilitation of the Darliston to Carmel and Woodstock to New Market main roads in Westmoreland, were signed at the New Roads All-age School in the parish` on November 19.
Valued at approximately $133 million, the contracts were signed by the Minister of State in the Ministry of Transport and Works, Dr. Fenton Ferguson, on behalf of the government, while Senior Director for Project Implementation at the National Works Agency (NWA), Earl Patterson signed for the agency.
Signing for the contracting companies, Surrey Paving and Aggregates Ltd., and General Paving Company, were Leslie Chang and Anthony Matheson, respectively.
Dr. Ferguson pointed out that work on both roads should begin in two weeks, and should last for four months. He urged the contractors not to facilitate extortionists, and that they should strive to complete the work on time and within budget.
Outlining the scope of work to be done, the State Minister said the drainage system on the road from Woodstock to New Market would be significantly improved, while asphaltic concrete would be used on the driving surface. He said that the contract would entail improvement work on some 14.25 kilometres of roadway, at a cost of $107 million.
“The other road section down for improvement is the 15.9-kilometre stretch from Darliston to Carmel to New Market, and this section is being done at a cost of just over $26 million,” he noted.
Dr. Ferguson pointed out that over the last two years, the Ministry has spent in excess of $400 million on roads in the parish of Westmoreland, through several road improvement programmes.
He said this was part of the Government’s commitment to put the necessary infrastructure in place to facilitate development in the country.

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