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Eleven bridges are expected to be constructed in 2007 under the R. A. Murray Programme. This arrangement will also include river training and the possibility of road construction.
Details about bridges were presented in a document tabled in the House last week by Minister of Housing, Transport, Water and Works, Robert Pickersgill, during his contribution to the 2007/08 Sectoral Debate. In December 2006, a contract for US$45 million was signed to facilitate the construction of 20 bridges, 11 of which are already in storage. Bridges for the following locations are expected to be completed this year: Black River, Portland; Queens River, Hanover; Martha Brae, Trelawny; Milk River, Clarendon; Waterloo Road, St. Andrew; Johnson River, St. Thomas; Angels River, Clarendon; Seven Rivers, St. James; Gordon Town, St. Andrew; Bog Walk, St. Catherine, and at Worthy Park, St. Catherine.
The document notes that an additional seven bridges are to be designed and fabricated. These will be located at Halls Head in St. Thomas; Springfield, Clarendon; Mount Eagle, Westmoreland; Newstead Foot, St. Mary; Outram, St. Mary; Steer Town, St. Ann; Troy, Trelawny; and White House, Westmoreland.
Bridges are scheduled to be constructed under other programmes as well, for example those for the Cassia Park and Queensborough areas in St. Andrew. Approval is also expected from the Ministry for the construction of a bridge at Alligator Church in Portland.
Meanwhile, bridges for Kings Valley in Westmoreland and Harbour Head in St. Thomas, which have been advertised, are also scheduled for construction. The construction of the new Yallahs Bridge, which is valued at $402 million, is also scheduled to begin soon.

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