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    A total of $103.6 million has been set aside in the 2008/09 Estimates of Expenditure for land use planning and development.
    Under the planning and policy development aspect of the programme, $64.9 million will go towards covering operating expenses of the unit, which will focus on preparing development plans for St. Catherine and St. James; and conducting workshops in St. Thomas, Portland, and Clarendon, with a view to stimulating growth and investment opportunities in the productive sector.
    Meanwhile, $38.7 million will be allocated to the National Virtual Reference System Network, a configuration of high precision Global Positioning System (GPS) base station, that provides real time and post-processed corrected positional data to mobile and traditional fixed GPS users, such as Land Surveyors and engineers, for a fee.
    The aim is to implement a nation-wide geodetic system comprising revised data and co-ordinate definitions, geodetic control points and other geodetic facilities directly compatible with GPS.
    The purpose of the project is to create a GPS network that will: provide accurate real-time positioning data; comprehensively cover the island; reduce production time and cost of traditional surveying; provide the framework for navigational-based systems; streamline operations that are positions fixing-based, to become more efficient; and assist in the development of customized applications for the Jamaican environment. It is projected that the system will provide earnings of $8 million for the period.
    The Estimates are now before the House of Representatives.

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