Sabina Park Will Be Under Heavy Security for CWC

Sabina Park will be under heavy security surveillance when the first match of the ICC Cricket World Cup (CWC) 2007 between the West Indies and Pakistan, bowls off tomorrow (March 13) at the stadium.
According to Senior Superintendent of Police and Co-Chair of the Security Committee for the Jamaica Local Organizing Committee (LOC), Ealon Powell, the stadium would be covered by 360-degree rotating cameras monitored by close circuit television in the Venue Operations Centre (VOC).
“We will be able to see everybody and that includes persons in the party stand and the all angles will be covered inside of the stadium and all the exits and the immediate outside area of the stadium,” he told JIS News.
In addition to the cameras, he said that security personnel would be strategically placed within the crowd, while the gates would be closely monitored to ensure that no prohibited items get into the venue.
“If you get to the gate with the prohibited item you will be told that you cannot take it inside the venue and if you insist, you know that you will not be allowed to go into the venue,” he stated.
Alcohol is among the litany of prohibited items, which patrons will be able to purchase inside the venue. While there is no limit on the amount of alcohol a patron can buy, SSP Powell has advised that persons drink in moderation as “we do not want any boisterous and outrageous behaviour inside the stadium. If a person does anything that will bring the competition or the match into disrepute, we will eject from the venue,” he warned.
Also prohibited are: dangerous and imitation weapons; firearms and imitation firearms; knives; explosives; fireworks; flares; incendiary devices; illegal drugs or narcotics; mace or pepper spray; cans; tins; plastic bottles of any size or description, other than insect repellent or sun screen; megaphones, compressed or gas operated horns and flag poles.
There are some items that will be allowed in the venue under prescribed conditions. These are: collapsible personal umbrellas but not large beach size umbrellas; guide dogs; bands and musical instruments granted with written permission from the appropriate LOC; cooler boxes that are not larger than 12″x12″x12″and are soft and collapsible; aerosol cans containing only deodorant, prescription medicine or insect repellant; and banners and flags up to a minimum size of 1.5 metres x 1 metre provided that in the opinion of the CWC 2007, they are not vulgar, political, discriminatory and racial or display advertising, which may in any way, impinge or will be in conflict with the rights of the partners or sponsor.
“We want spectators to have a good experience. People should go there and feel like it is a place where they can enjoy themselves, watching cricket and having a grand time without inconveniencing others,” SSP Powell said.
Sabina Park, among other parks in the Caribbean, have been declared non-smoking venues.

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